What is SEO Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research Google SEO

What is SEO Keyword Research?

What is Keyword Research?

When we talk about keyword research or SEO keyword research we should know about its proper functions. keyword research can be defined as a a process in which we identify our target audience frequently searches on Search Engines

What is Keyword Research

For Example, we want to know how many people search about household cleaning in the specific area if we do this manually by collecting data individually it’s a time taking process so we can do it conveniently by some keywords on the basis of google searches


SEO keyword Research

In SEO keyword research we use some specific keywords for the purpose of website ranking so that our website could appear on the home page of search engines

Keyword research is the very crucial step in SEO which can’t be ignore! we rank our website on the basis of keywords so we should do keyword research with full of focus. Just because of SEO base can not only rank our website but we can make our competitor analysis and collect our competitors’ information and we can easily know our competitor strategy

Benefits of keyword research

 By conducting keyword Research, we can get a lot of benefits which are following

  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • YoY
  • SEO difficulty
  • Paid difficulty
  • CPC


Search volume

Search volume is the total number of searches of a keyword by individuals. For example, Coffee shop is the keyword so when we conduct keyword research we can easily know about the total monthly searches of our target marketing in comparison of Coffee shop.

So By keyword research we can easily know about the exact volume and it will find helpful in further SEO process.


KeywordSearch volume
Coffee shop450000



By the word competition we can easily understand we are talking about competition so by keyword research we can get information about the competition against our selected keyword.

Suppose our keyword is cappuccino and we want to know how many people use this keyword in their website So by keyword research we can exactly know our competition either its low, medium or high.



YOY year of year change is the very good benefit of keyword research because we can know about the change occur against the keywords. For Example our keyword is Digital Marketing and we can easily know about the change against Digital marketing either its in plus or minus.

Digital Marketing1.2 million+900


If the change will be show in plus so we can easily identify that it’s a good keyword and we can choose this keyword in our keyword research but if its shown in negative just like -900 YOY change so that’s means choosing this keyword is a risk so we should ignore this.


SEO Difficulty

As you Know we talk about the competition and we discuss it briefly above and we discuss by keyword research we can know about the competition against the keyword.

But that was Not only the one benefits we can know about the SEO difficulty SEO difficulty is same like competition in competition results shown of competitors in Low, Medium and High Figures but in SEO difficulty column we can know the exact figure of our competitors

KeywordsVolumeCompetitionYOYSEO Difficulty
Marketing Agency400000Medium+90045


As you can see in the above column the SEO difficulty is 45 that’s means there are 45 persons who are using this keyword in their website or article. But there is also a main point we should keep in mind when we conduct keyword research SEO difficulty should not be more than 40.

Because when there are less competitor against the keyword there is a high chance of ranking the keyword fast.


Paid difficulty:

So What is Paid difficulty? Paid Difficulty can be defined as google ads which are running against the keyword because google charge a specific amount against promoting your content against a particular keyword

Google show you content on the top of the home page of google if you acquire its paid service and while keyword research we can know about the exact figure of how many people running the ads against the particular keyword


CPC (Cost Per Click)

Cost per click is the cost which google charge against a keyword for showing your website on the top of google home page and its will helps to promote your website soon

KeywordVolumeSEO difficultyCPC
Marketing Agency400k35$2.2



Top website for Free Keyword Research

When you conduct keyword research the main question which pop up in our mind what would be the best application or website for keyword research

So here is the some top rated website for keyword research

  • Google Adword keyword Planner
  • Uber Suggest


Google adword keyword Planner

Google adword keyword planner is the basic level website which google provides you for free on the basic level keyword research. You just login to www.googleadwordkeywordplanner.com and start collecting top rated keyword with high search volume

Benefits of google adword keyword planner

As you know google adword keyword planner is the basic or entry level website for keyword research but apart from this thing you can get many other information which will be beneficial for your website some of the benefits are following

  • Top search keywords
  • Search volume
  • Competition
  • YOY change
  • CPC



Uber Suggest

Here is another website which is Quite professional than google adword keyword planner which is Uber Suggest which is the upgrade version of google adword keyword planner

Uber suggest is the one of the top website in the field of keyword research the major expect of this website is that you can make your keyword research more conveniently here you can get the benefits which you get when you keyword research on google adword keyword planner and many more

The Top benefits of Uber Suggest are following

  • Top search keywords
  • Search volume
  • SEO Difficulty
  • Paid Difficulty
  • CPC

As we discuss above that we should know our competitors and competitor’s strategy so Uber suggest provides the proper competitor analysis

Hope this information will be helpful for you all





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